Tutor Checklist

If your tutor answers "NO" to any of the following questions,
you probably need to keep looking.


Staff Qualifications:

  • Are all of your tutors state-certified teachers?
  • Do your tutors have teaching experience in a public or private school?


Determining Your Student's Needs:

  • Is an assessment given to pinpoint student skill gaps?
  • Does the battery of tests focus on multiple skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, math concepts, math applications, etc.?


Individualized Program:

  • Is an individualized tutoring program designed specifically for each student for each class?
  • Is the tutoring program linked to the results of testing?


Personal Attention:

  • Does the program offer a 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio?
  • Will the student be working with a tutor face-to-face at all times?
  • Does the program provide written progress reports?


Curriculum and Method of Instruction:

  • Does your program offer as many as 20,000 different lesson plans?
  • Is your curriculum published by national education publishers?
  • Does your program include Phoenemic Awareness lessons?
  • Will you make sure the student has mastered a skill before you move on the next skill?


Success Rate:

  • Does your program achieve an average increase of one grade level equivalency (GLE) in ~40 hours of tutoring?


Motivation and Study Skills:

  • Do you spend time each session working on study skills?
  • Do you have an incentive program that will motivate the student?